Anne Manktelow 

Anne has always enjoyed drawing and painting, mostly for her own own pleasure… it wasn’t until she did a botanical workshop that she realised she had found a direction that really suited her. That evening she found she was studying the lettuce leaf in her salad rather than eating it! She has since done a distance learning certificate course with the Society of Botanical Artists and now spends most of her time enjoying recording the fascinating detail of nature's bounty.


Anne's paintings

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Cornus kousa  Crataegus sp.   Abies pinaspo 'Kelleriis'
AM02        AM03           
 Sequoia sempervirens  Widdringtonia whytei  Widdringtonia whytei
AM05 AM06 AM07
 Widdringtonia whytei  Widdringtonia whytei   Widdringtonia whytei
  Dallimore Valley skyline