Julia Groves

Julia graduated from university with a first in Fine Art and since then she has exhibited extensively.

Her art practice uses a multi-disciplinary approach with a strong research base informed by her many years of experience and work as a horticulturalist.

Julia is particularly interested in ethnobotany, plant structures, geometry, colour and pattern. She is inspired by and works between contemporary drawing practices and the historical traditions of botanical art and illustration.

She also uses her experience of running Blackthorn Garden’s Market Garden and Herb Workshops in the traditional Japanese Oshibana way of creating pictures using pressed flowers and other botanical materials.

Julia was awarded the Elizabeth Smail Memorial Award for her painting  ‘a summer afternoon’ at the Florum Exhibition in 2018 and the Kent Creative Award in 2016 for her Art Practice.

Other projects include the Royal College of Physicians Publication of The Illustrated College Herbal based on the Pharmacopeia Londinensis with an accompanying Exhibition in 2018 celebrating its 500th Anniversary.

Julia is a member of the Bedgebury Pinetum Florilegium Society, The Iceni Botanical Artist Group and the Chelsea Physic Garden Florilegium.

Her website is www.juliagroves.co.uk

Email: info@juliagroves.co.uk

Julia's Paintings

JG04  ghost pine Pinus sabiniana JG02
Corylus avellana  Pinus sabiniana  Cephalotaxus harringtonii
JG01 snip JG Pinus lambertiana JG03 snip
Abies delavayi ssp. fansipanensis  Pinus lambertiana Betula utilis var. jacquemontii
 JG Pinus Armandii    
Pinus armandii