Susan Conroy

Susan comes from an artistic family so it is no surprise that she has always drawn. Her grandfather was in the theatre, her father always drew and her uncle was an art director for films. She trained as a teacher and worked in primary and special needs education while also continuing art, pottery and quilting in her spare time. In 2002 she attended a botanical painting course at Chelsea and her career as botanical artist took off.

She is a founding member of the florilegium at Hampton Court and she takes commissions for paintings and quilts. She has exhibited widely and has paintings in many private collections.


Susan's paintings

   SC07        SC05 SC04
Quercus robur           Quercus robur           Quercus rubra & Quercus robur
 SC19  SC Horse Chestnut  SC06
 Acer trautvetteri Aesculus hippocastanum  Aesculus hippocastanum
 SC11  SC Hickory  SC08
 Araucaria araucana  Carya ovata  Carya ovata
 SC Red Oak Leaf  SC09  SC03
 Quercus rubra  Cercis siliquastrum 'Avondale'  Fagus sylvatica
 SC Magnolia star wars  SC10  SC12
 Magnolia 'Star Wars'  Taxus baccata  Liriodendron tulipfera
SC15 SC02 SC17
Fagus sylvatica Carpinus Fraxinus americana
 SC13  SC14 SC18 
Cupressus sp.  Liquidambar acalycina Tilia henryana 
Acer Macrophyllum Susan Conroy low English Oak P29 T4L Image 1 Susan Conroy Pinus 
Acer macrophyllum Quercus robur Pinus 
 Page 29 T4L Image 2 Susan Conroy Pinus  Susan Conroy 2  
Pinus  Taxus baccata