Ecology night walk


Bedgebury Forest is home to an exciting array of nocturnal wildlife and many special birds are heard best at night. The enchanting, but often elusive nightjar, is considered to be one of Bedgebury's best. 

Join us as we share with you the wonders of Bedgebury at night. If we are lucky, we will hear the mesmerising 'churring' of the nightjar or a wing clap or two on this walk with ecologist and bird specialist, Simon Ginnaw. We may also see 'roding' woodcock, hear tawny owls or catch sight of Bedgebury's three deer species, six bat species and a variety of insect life. 

The walk will last approximately 2 hours and starts at 9pm.

£12 per person (members), £15 per person (non-members) - places limited to 15. 

Click here to read more about an encounter with Bedgebury's nightjars. 

To book your place, call 01580 879842


Booking conditions: All events are held in, or will start from, the Bedgebury Visitor Centre unless otherwise specified. Full payment is required to reserve places on all events. No refund can be offered for failure to attend any course or event, unless the place released is taken by someone on the waiting list. If excessively adverse weather is forecast, a cancellation email will be sent before the event. If you are unable to attend on the proposed alternative date, you will be offered a full refund. Dogs are not permitted. Events involving a walk may not be suitable for those with limited mobility. Children under the age of 16 may attend if appropriate but must pay as indicated and must be accompanied by a full-paying adult. Attendance by children under the age of 16 may not be appropriate unless indicated by a child price or reference to child attendees. No child under 16 should attend unless genuinely interested in the subject matter or child attendance is indicated in the description. This is to avoid disruption to the event for other adult attendees. Site admission is included in the non-members price.