The Bedgebury Florilegium

The Bedgebury Florilegium consists of a group of talented artists who make accurate and beautiful records of our trees and plants. They are continuing a tradition that dates back to at least the 15th Century. The word florilegium was originally derived from Greek anthologia meaning a selection of literary passages but is now widely used to describe a collection of botanically accurate paintings of plants, drawn from living samples. The florilegia were popular in the 17th century portraying rare, exotic and newly discovered plants in the then expanding world. Modern day florilegia record collections of plants and are particularly important when recording endangered species.

The Bedgebury Florilegium currently consists of 11 artists and meets at Bedgebury once a month. The group produces paintings of the Pinetum’s trees and records all aspects of their life cycle, including immature strobili "conifer flowers" and mature cones. Members of the group are recording our wild flowers and other plants as well, but with over a 1,000 species of trees shrubs and flowers this will be a long job! 

We offer you the opportunity to purchase limited edition prints or original work from this talented group of artists. Commissions can also be undertaken on request. Click on the image below for more about the artists and their work.