The Florilegium Gallery

Bedgebury's Florilegium offer personally-signed limited edition prints of original artwork for purchase. You can also commission your own artwork from any of the highly talented members. Click on each artist link to find out more about them and see a selection of their work. If you are interested in purchasing either prints or original artwork please contact them directly by email.


Louisa Bailey Pearl Bostock Margaret Brooker Sandra Fernandez
   Pseudolarix amabilis Pearl Bostock cropped Wollemi Pine Margaret Brooker cropped  Sandra Boys pinecones 2
 Susan Conroy  Jackie Copeman  Julia Groves  Helen Hiorns
Acer Macrophyllum Susan Conroy cropped   Pinus lambertiana Julia Groves 2  Abies fabri Helen Hiorns cropped
 Jane Langridge  Anne Manktelow Julie Spyropoulos   
Himalayan Pine Jane Langridge cropped    Magnolia wilsonii Julie Spyropolous cropped