Bird WatcherBedgebury has three distinct managed areas; the National Pinetum, the Forest Research Plots and Bedgebury forest. Within all three, there is a good variety of habitats, soil types and topography all of which makes for a good diversity of flora and fauna and therefore interesting walks and bird watching.

Although there is all year round bird interest, it is the arrival of the winter migrants that attracts most attention with the hawfinch, our largest finch, being the star attraction. However, crossbill, brambling and lesser redpoll are also regular winter visitors. Walks in the forest area can be rewarding with rhoding woodcock and churring nightjars in summer. In both forest and Pinetum, all three woodpecker species can be found, as well as a range of tits and warblers and several birds of prey.

In winter, a bird-ringing programme exists with a mist net set up at the Forestry Commission Offices. Click here to read an article by Alex Preston about his bird-ringing experience at Bedgebury. 


Click here for a list of birds seen at Bedgebury.

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