A guide to some of the rare and beautiful species you will find at Bedgebury Pinetum

Click here for a list of the Pinetum's trees (from 2012 sorted by genus and species).

The Forestry England research team carries out pest and disease surveys at Bedgebury using the site as a sentinel tree collection. Read more here.

Bedgebury 030716 014 Armands pine Staphylea pinnata Abies bracteata
Armand's pine   Bladdernut           Bristlecone fir   
cathaya argyrophylla photo coast redwood dawn redwood
Chinese silverleaf  Coast redwood  Dawn redwood 
giant redwood ginkgo biloba pseudolarix 2
Giant redwood (wellingtonia) Ginkgo biloba  Golden larch 
Abies grandis Great White Cherry umbrella pine
Grand silver fir  Great white cherry Japanese umbrella pine 
King Billy pine reduced monkey puzzle Montezuma Pine
King Billy pine  Monkey puzzle  Montezuma pine
needle bush Serbian spruce Scots Pine
Needle bush  Serbian spruce  Scots pine 
 Abies nebrodensis protected  swamp cypress liquidambar autumn 
 Sicilian fir   Swamp cypress  Sweetgum (liquidambar) 
 Larix laricina  Vietnamese cypress  wollemi pine
 Tamarack   Vietnamese golden cypress   Wollemi pine