Bedgebury's biodiversity

Forestry England manages Bedgebury for people, wildlife and trees. 

Find out about their management of Bedgebury's habitats here, or help them to celebrate their centenary by discovering and recording wildlife at Bedgebury in the #BigForestFind.

We record Bedgebury's wildlife species spotted on this website. Drop in to the Information Office or send us an e-mail so we can add your discoveries! Or download the free iNaturalist app to join the #BigForestFind by recording what you see.



BIRDS: Discover more about Bedgebury's bird species here. Check out our wildlife blogs on hawfinch and winter migrant visitors.

Download our free guide to Bedgebury's birds to go birding at Bedgebury today!

MAMMALS: Bedgebury is home to several rare species of bat and other mammals.

REPTILES & AMPHIBIANS: From common toads to grass snakes and a variety of newts - there's plenty here!

INSECTS: Bedgebury attracts many dragonflies, butterflies, bees and hoverflies.

Download our free guide to Bedgebury's butterflies to see which you can find in the Pinetum today!

FLOWERS: There's plenty of all-year round wildflower species at Bedgebury. Take a look at our wildflower blog to find out more!   

FUNGI: More than 900 species have been discovered. 

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To download a copy of Bedgebury's Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) habitat map, click here.