Our aims and objectives 


Your contribution will be used to support Forestry England in its management of Bedgebury as a world-class centre of conifer research, conservation and education, as a landscape of rare and endangered flora and fauna and as a site for high quality, healthy recreation.

The charity's objects are:

The furtherance of research and education amongst the general public in all fields relating to the study of trees and the dissemination of the useful results of any research. In pursuit of these objectives, the charity will consider funding towards:

  • Travel in order to study and collect plant material for inclusion in the collections at Bedgebury Pinetum and other arboreta and gardens
  • Promotion to further the work of Bedgebury Pinetum
  • School visits
  • The financing of publications in connection with the study of trees
  • Education and research relating to the study of trees and in particular to enable such students to work at Bedgebury Pinetum
  • The sponsoring of events and exhibitions intended to advance the tree knowledge of the general public

Glory Hole Picnic