The Friends of Bedgebury Pinetum has funded many seed-collecting trips over the years. Click on the links to read about some of them! 

New Zealand 3

tasmania 2004 spain 10102004 048 abies pinsapo

Mountain celery pine and others

New Zealand (2002)

King Billy pine & south esk pine

Tasmania (2004)

Golden Spanish fir

Spain (2004)

Sicilian fir Turkey 2005 field work from back of a van Taxodium distichum swamp cypress

                 Sicilian fir

                Italy (2005)

       Cilicica fir & oriental spruce

                Turkey (2005)

               Swamp cypress

             Eastern USA (2006)

oregon 15 064 Sequoia sempervirens Serbian spruce 17 Dan collecting Phyllocladus 2008 Tas

Coast redwood & monterey pine

Western USA (2007)

Serbian spruce

Bosnia/Serbia (2007)

Celery top pine

Tasmania (2008)

VN Team discuss cons of Xanthocyparis just below natural population with the chap who discovered it Chile 2009 Bosnia Picea omorika 2010

Golden Vietnamese cypress

China/Vietnam (2008)

Monkey puzzle and others

Chile (2009)

Serbian spruce

Bosnia/Serbia (2010)

cone Cephalotaxus harringtonia Page 24 27 Japan Trip Seeds in the hand2

Cedar of Lebanon

Lebanon (2011)

Korean plum yew

Korea (2013)

Chichibu birch

Japan (2014)

USA 2015 The sorting of seeds never stops2 On the ground team Mulanji Cedar  

Grand fir & bristlecone pine

Western USA (2015)

Mulanje cedar

Malawi (2016)