Bedgebury's Biodiversity

Framed by its majestic conifer specimens, the Pinetum is also full of wonderful broadleaf tree favourites creating a woodland environment that is home to a huge array of rare and endangered flora and fauna; from our elusive grizzled skipper (Pyrgus malvae) to the now emblematic firecrest (Regulus ignicapilla), the delicate English eyebright (Euphrasia anglica) to the bold and beautiful violet webcap (Cortinarius violaceus). The list of rare or nationally important species at Bedgebury is a long and exciting one.

BAP Habitat Map Bedgebury Pinetum low resThe Pinetum is a glorious landscape containing several BAP (Biodiversity Action Plan) designated landscapes where we are doing much more to promote biodiversity and conservation than our work with conifers suggests. DEFRA has defined our ‘Lowland dry acid grassland’, ‘Purple moor grass and rush pastures’ and ‘European dry heath’ habitats, and their associated species, as some of the most threatened in the UK. By protecting the Pinetum and promoting a conservation message therein, we are doing our bit to protect the important range of biodiversity in these rare habitats.

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BioBlitz 2016

Bedgebury's most recent BioBlitz took place in August 2016 and gave a good indication of the health of the wildlife on site as well as highlighting a number of new-to-site discoveries. For highlights of the findings, as seen by local ecologist, Luke Wallace, please click here.