Butterfly map 2018Butterflies

Bedgebury is home to a huge number of British and visiting butterflies, including the locally rare grizzled skipper. Our resident butterfly enthusiast, Anna Picken, has created a beautiful butterfly map and leaflet which can be downloaded by clicking on the map. Alternatively you can purchase a copy of the leaflet from our Information Office at the Visitor Centre.

What better way to spend a sunny, summer afternoon than watching these beautiful creatures?

You can read about how we are encouraging children to learn about butterflies here and more about the variety of species at Bedgebury by clicking this link.



Butterflies you'll find at Bedgebury - by family groups


Red Admiral


White Admiral




Speckled Wood
 Red Admiral other  White Admiral small  Gatekeeper SMALL  speckled wood SMALL
 Ringlet  Meadow Brown  Comma  Small Heath
 Ringlet buttwerfly  Meadow Brown original  Comma original  Small Heath original
 Silver-washed fritillary  Dark green fritillary  Pearl-bordered fritillary  Small pearl-bordered fritillary
 Silver washed fritillary SMALL  picture 7dark greenfritillary  pearl bordered fritillary  small pearl bordered fritillary
 Peacock  Small tortoiseshell  Painted lady  
 Peacock  Tortoiseshell  painted lady  


Orange tip


Small white


Large white


Green-veined white
Orange Tip  Small White  Large White  Greenveined white
Clouded yellow Brimstone    
clouded yellow Brimstone    


Small copper


Green hairstreak


 Common blue


Holly blue
Small Copper  green hairstreak underwing  Common Blue BC  Holly blue


Dingy skipper


Grizzled skipper


Small skipper


Large skipper
dingy skipper upperwing1 jim asher grizzled skipper may 16  small skipper upperwing keith warmington web  Small Skipper