Dragonflies and Damselflies

Come the spring, when the air temperature is just right, dragonfly and damselfly larvae start to emerge from our lakes and ponds. Keep an eye on the reeds around the water's edge as you may see the empty larvae cases (called exuvia) from which the Odonata break free from as they spread their wings and take their maiden flight. Two of our dragonfly and damselfly hotspots in the Pinetum are Leaky Lake (close to the boardwalk) and Black Pond (near the Old Man of Kent tree stump).

Take a look at the table of photographs below to help identify which dragonfly or damselfly you catch sight of, or pop into the Visitor Centre to buy a fold-out Field Studies Council pictorial guide to this species.      


 Odonata you may find at Bedgebury

*last recorded at Bedgebury in 2009


Emperor (m)


Emperor (f)


Southern hawker (m)


Southern hawker (f)
 emperor dragonfly  Emperor female  Southern Hawker  Southern hawker dragonfly Aeshna cyanea female
 Common hawker (m)*  Common hawker (f)*  Migrant hawker (m)  Migrant hawker (f)
 512px Common Hawker Dragonfly 2 3900002149  female common hawker  Migrant hawker m  female migrant hawker new
 Brown hawker (m)  Brown hawker (f)  Golden-ringed (m)  Golden-ringed (f)
 Brown hawker male  brown hawker  golden ringed male  Bedgebury 030716 075 2
 Ruddy darter (m)  Ruddy darter (f)  Common darter (m)  Common darter (f)
 Male Ruddy Darter  female ruddy darter  Common Darter 1  female common darter
Four-spotted chaser (m/f) Broad-bodied chaser (m)  Broad-bodied chaser (f)  Black-tailed skimmer (m)
10274332 10201020976526995 3305931885423020645 n  broad bodied chaser male  broad bodied chaser  black tailed skimmer male
Black-tailed skimmer (f)  Brilliant emerald (m)  Brilliant emerald (f)  Downy emerald (m)
Bedgebury with Debbie 4.7.09 108  Brilliant Emerald male  Brilliant Emerald 2  Downy emerald
Downy emerald (f)      
Downy emerald female      


Common blue (m)


Common blue (f)


Azure (m)


Azure (f)
Common Blue male  female common blue damselfly2  male azure damselfly  female azure
Blue-tailed (m) Blue-tailed (f)  Emerald (m)  Emerald (f)
 blue tailed mae  Female blue tailed damselfly  Emerald m  female emerald damsel S Loose
 White-legged (m)  White-legged (f)  Beautiful demoiselle (m)  Beautiful demoiselle (f)
 male white legged damselfly  immature female white legged damselfy2  beautiful damselfly  female beautiful demoiselle
 Banded demoiselle (m)  Banded demoiselle (f)  Large red (m)  Large red (f)
 20170730 143046

 female banded demoiselle new2

 Bedgebury 060616 124

 large red female

 red-eyed (m)  red-eyed (f)    
 red eyed male  red eyed female